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Creating a Simple Homeschool Schedule

Creating your own homeschool schedule doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Start simple and tweak things as you go. Then, utilize block scheduling to stay on task!

Creating a Homeschool Schedule

I’m a person that thrives on schedule and organization. This is why creating a simple schedule for our homeschool was a must!

With that said, before I schedule anything, I plan!

Planning is the most essential step to creating a successful and functioning homeschool schedule.

Creating an Easy Homeschool Schedule Starts with Planning

The planning process always starts the exact same way for me. It involves a notebook, pen, and some incredible coffee to sip on while I think.

Whether you are new to homeschooling or an old timer, this method works — trust me on this one.

With that said, it can be incredibly difficult to set expectations and create a functioning homeschool schedule if you don’t have a realistic view of what your homeschool day will actually consist of.

If you are still in the research stages of homeschooling that means you are likely not quite ready to tackle a homeschool schedule just yet — and that’s ok!

Simply bookmark this for later use and begin the process of preparing to homeschool instead!

However, if you have already tackled the prep work, but simply can’t find a routine that works — this one is for you!

Take All the Notes

For starters, grab yourself a notebook and have a mock homeschool day.

Then, keep that notebook handy all day long.

Simply jot down notes as you teach lessons, during independent work, playtime, etc.

Take note of how long certain tasks take throughout the day. This simply allows you to have a more realistic view of how much time you actually spend on all the different aspects of your homeschool day.

Finally, write down all the things that worked and all the things that didn’t.

Take Notes to Create an Easy Plan

Are your children more focused at a specific time of day? Perfect! Plan on using that time for core lessons.

Do they seem to get antsy after certain subjects? If so, use that time for a break or some simple hands-on play.

Once you’ve taken note of the things that need to change in your homeschool, you’re finally ready to create something more functional!

Just keep in mind, that creating a schedule doesn’t mean things will always line up perfectly every single day!

Homeschooling, much like life, will always come with its share of unexpected surprises.

However, actively taking notes during your school day will help you create a great plan that will work for most circumstances.

I highly suggest taking notes for 2-3 days in a row to cover your bases and assess all your homeschool needs.

To start the planning process, compare and contrast your notes from the previous few days.

How was day 1 different from day 2? Did most everything line up the same? Or was there a day that just seemed more hectic for your family?

If Tuesday is a struggle because you have errands & sports practice, maybe you need to cut formal lessons on that day all together!

Sometimes schooling 5 days a week is completely out of the question and that’s ok! This is why our family combines our block schedule with a simple  3 days homeschool week instead of the traditional 5 day school week!

Now, spend some quality (and quiet) time looking over all your notes and begin the brainstorming process.

Simply organize your notes on a brand new sheet, creating a draft of your ideal schedule.

Figure Out What Works

You’ve had the mock homeschool day, you’ve taken the notes, you’ve got your ideal schedule written down — now what??

Take that sample schedule you made and give it a try. Don’t worry about hitting everything exactly on the nose though.

Homeschooling is hard stuff, and if I’m completely honest with you, we rarely stay 100% on schedule.

Guess what though? It’s totally ok!

Modify Your Homeschool Schedule for Multiple Ages as You Go

Treat your first draft (and every draft for that matter) as more of a guideline than a set-in-stone homeschool schedule.

Simply give it a try and see how your new plan works for your homeschool.

Do this for a week, taking notes and adjusting your schedule on paper as you go. At the end of your first week, you should have an updated draft, or possibly even an entirely new schedule!

Keep pressing forward, tweaking your schedule, and trying it out for one week at a time, until you find the perfect mix for your homeschool!

This planning process took me nearly three weeks of trying and tweaking before finally figuring out what our homeschool schedule needed to look like. We still have off days and don’t fully stick to our schedule, but it helps us set realistic goals and expectations — while keeping us on track.

Finalize Your Plan

Once you find your perfect fit, it’s time to make your finalized homeschool schedule.

Now, remember, finalizing your plan does not mean you have to follow everything exactly.

I definitely prefer a printed block schedule for our homeschool.

However, I still keep a regular planner and spend time writing out lesson goals, keeping track of special events, and creating daily to-do lists by hand.

This is simply how I function best.

Keeping a Simple Planner for Daily Goals & Lesson Tracking

With that said, you can totally design whatever type of homeschool schedule you prefer!

You can go old school and keep a handwritten schedule or you can take it up a notch by leaning on a printable version. You can solely stick to a block schedule or you can take the extra step of keeping a second planner with goals & lists like me.

Either way, setting some simple goals by creating a written guideline for your homeschool is a great way to stay on task!

Our Sample Homeschool Schedule

My husband designed our personal homeschool schedule and it was exactly what we needed. I came up with the overall idea and he threw a simple block schedule together for me in no time.

Sample Block Schedule

Using excel he made a double-sided, triple-kid, block homeschool schedule just for me. I was in love instantly, no joke you guys!

It’s not fancy by any means, but it’s completely functional and that was all I needed.

I seriously live for stuff like this.

Our schedule hangs out in my master binder, another must-have for the homeschool Mom! Get all the details on how I use a simple binder system by checking out some of the different ways I organize our homeschool!

Free Printable Homeschool Schedule

Since sharing how I came up with our personal block homeschool schedule, I’ve had so many requests for an editable, printable version!

You guys spoke, I listened!

Free Block Homeschool Schedule Printable

You can get our updated printable block schedule by signing up for our newsletter below! Please just keep in mind that this printable is very generic. I tried my hardest to make it a one size fits all, but unfortunately, that’s nearly an impossible task.

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Printable Homeschool Schedule

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