Easy Father’s Day Craft

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Show Dad You Care with Simple Fathers Day Craft Ideas

Show Dad you care this Father’s day with a super simple gesture! I put this Father’s day craft together in just a few hours and you totally can too!

Super Cute Picture Frames
a Father’s Day Craft…

This Father’s Day gift idea is so incredibly simple, you guys!! I literally came up with and executed this simple Father’s Day craft in a single afternoon. The added bonus? My husband loved it!

Ready for the simplicity? Check it out!

Supplies Needed

  •  3 (or more) Photo frames
  • White card stock
  • Markers

That’s seriously it, you guys! Crazy simple supplies and super budget friendly! Especially if you buy good quality, low priced frames. Clearance can be an easy solution if you’re looking for unique frames at a smaller price point. However, if you’re on a time crunch you can easily find a good selection of simple frames for $5 or less!

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Budget-Friendly Frames
for your Father’s Day Craft…

  • Wood Grain Frame – This frame is super simple and so incredibly budget-friendly! You can seriously throw this craft together for around $6 with these frames. Say what?!
  • Simple White Frame– A little more pricey than the above frames, but these frames supply such a super classic look! Can’t really go wrong with a white frame like this!
  • Linear Frames – This one has a classic look Dad will love. Plus, it comes in multiple colors!
  • Unfinished Frame – These are a great option if you have a little extra time on your hands! Your kids can paint their own frames for Daddy, or you can finish them with a stain to match your home decor. Plus, they definitely won’t hurt the wallet!


  1. First, you will need to do a little prep work. Pick up 3 photo frames.
  2. Second, cut your card stock down to size so that it will fit into the photo frames easily.
    *NOTE: I used 3 – 3.5 x 5 photo frames when I did this with my kids a few years back.
  3. Using your markers, write the words WE ♡ DAD, writing one word on each piece of card stock.
    *TIP: If your children are older, encourage them to this part themselves & get creative with it!
  4.  Now for the best part, plan a super quick photo shoot! Get some shots of your kids individually holding their frame.
  5. Once all photos have been taken, print the pictures and put them straight into the same picture frame!

I told you this was easy, right?! Wasn’t even kidding!

My husband absolutely loved this gift! A picture of his kids holding the same frame their picture was in… pretty cool!

Other Ideas & Options

This craft is super simple, but can easily be adapted to meet your individual needs.

Not sure the way we made ours will be the best option for you? Check out these tips and ideas!

Have more (or less) than three kids? Try some of these simple solutions!

Photo Gift Idea for Dad - Super Cute Fathers Day Craft
  • Simply add extra words to the mix – try something like We love Dad tons (perfect for 4 kids)
  • Mix up the wording completely – try other fun dad-related sayings such as Dad Rocks! (perfect for 2 kids)
  • Spell it out instead – Try spelling the word Daddy or Grandpa, putting one letter in each frame instead of doing a phrase! (perfect for 5+ kids!)

Only have one child? Easy Peasy.

  • Keep it simple – use the simple phrase I ♡ DAD all in a single frame. Pick a larger frame and make it stand out.
  • Make it funny –  using the phrase Just Like Dad, take multiple photos of your child in different poses or making silly faces.

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Easy Father’s Day Craft

Simple Father’s Day craft that can easily be put together in a pinch!