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Favorite Things List - Free Printables for kids

When I first created this free printable, I was looking for a simple way to connect with each of my children and it’s been so much fun looking back at how their favorites change over the years! This favorite things list is the perfect way to connect & learn about your kiddos!


Spending Quality Time
With Your Kids…

As a work from home-homeschool mom, it’s safe to say I spend a lot of time with my children.

Being with my kids all the time doesn’t mean I’m always getting that quality time in though — because lets face it, quantity doesn’t always equal quality.

It’s so incredibly important that we spend little moments with each of our children individually from time to time.

Getting to know who they are, what they are passionate about, and just simply enjoying the little moments.

I love my children to the moon and back, but giving them my time for lessons and direction all day long can definitely wear me down. The pure exhaustion and overwhelming nature of motherhood, can sometimes steal those quiet personal moments with your kids and it’s a frustrating place to be!

I created this favorite things list to get some of that quality time back!

Not only is this a fun way to connect and get to know your child on a more personal level, it can also be a simple stress reliever for Mom.

Think about it, you get to sit and focus on this amazing little human you’ve been chosen to care for!

Looking for other simple ways to connect with your children one-on-one? Check out how we do quality time in our home!

Connect Using Our
Favorite Things List…

Favorite Things List for Kids - Perfect Mom & Son Activity

Let’s talk favorite things for just a moment.

We all have them.

From drinks to movies, there is always one we prefer over all the others.

My kids and I had a great time coming up with the questions for this list and I hope you enjoy using it as a special way to connect with your kiddo on a brand new level!

Keep in mind, this favorite things list can easily go both ways!

Start by asking your child the questions, then print a second copy for them to ask you!

Who knows, you both might just learn something new about each other along the way!

I did this with my 11 year old son and it was so much fun! I got to tell him the story behind my favorite song and he told me all the details about his favorite historical figure.

Ready to Get Your Free Favorite Things List Printable?

If you are ready to connect with your kids on a more personal level, the favorite things list is a wonderful door opener. Check out all the details on how to get yours below!

Favorite Things List - Free Printable for Kids


How to Turn Your Favorite Things List
into a Keepsake…

Want to get even more out of this printable? Try some of these extra creative ideas to extend the fun!

  • Turn it Into a Memory Page

Take and print off a picture of your child on the day they complete their survey, paste it on the back with the date, and laminate!

You can even add additional things like their handprint, or something cute they said while you were working on the survey together. Make it personal and have fun with it!

  • Create a Favorite Things Binder

This could be a super fun project!

Hole punch today’s survey and put it in a small 3 ring binder.

Let your child get creative and make a fun binder cover page, adding illustrations to the back of their survey.

Then add in additional things that represents all their favorites! From a fact sheet on their favorite animal to pictures of them playing their favorite game! Turn all their favorites into memories.

You can even turn this project into a family affair by adding dividers for each person’s favorite things list & extras!

  • Repeat Each Year & Compare

Date and save your child’s list in a simple folder, repeating it 1 year later (close to the same date if possible).

Then, take some time to compare the answers to see what has changed or stayed the same.

Repeating this activity year after year is a simple way to see how your children mature and grow over time!

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