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Check out our mega list of fifth & sixth grade workbooks for homeschoolers!

Mega List of Fifth & Sixth Grade Workbooks

Looking to find the perfect set of workbooks for your middle schooler? Check out all of our top recommendations below!

See a workbook marked with a * ? Those are simply workbooks we have personally tried and love!

School Zone Workbooks

Vocabulary Workbook Series

Grades 6+

Brain Quest Workbooks

Smart Alec Workbooks

Mark Twain Media

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Carson Dellosa Workbooks

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Homeschooling Middle School

Middle school is an important time for growth for most kiddos! While some still consider 5th and 6th grades upper elementary, in my day it was considered middle school-aged and these were the years everything changed.

The days of teacher-led everything are most likely behind and the days of student-led learning have arrived!

Plus, most children are now teetering between kid and teen — which is a challenging place to be.

Parenting and teaching this age requires a great deal of patience and understanding, but it can also be such an incredible journey!

Homeschooling Your Middle School Students with Fifth and Sixth Grade Workbooks

All that said, workbooks are a staple in our homeschool!

We lean on them quite a bit during the summertime, but also enjoy using them during downtime throughout our homeschool year as well!

Homeschooling 5th and 6th grades are no exception. Workbooks are absolutely perfect for this age, you guys!

Why Use Fifth & Sixth Grade Workbooks?

While I personally wouldn’t homeschool 5th grade & 6th grade using only workbooks.

I would, however, use them as a supplement to a traditional 5th or 6th grade curriculum!

I also tend to use them for summer learning. This simply keeps the brain in learning mode during school breaks.

Want to know how I use workbooks and printable worksheets over summer break? Check out Summer Worksheets & Workbooks to get all the details on our summer worksheet packs!

Check out all our 5th & 6th-grade workbook recommendations at the bottom of this post!

Simple Ways to Use Middle School Workbooks…

Homeschooling middle school doesn’t have to be stressful!

It’s actually the perfect time for children to embrace their independence and start taking more responsibility for their own school work – 5th grade truly is a transition year (between elementary & middle school). 

Middle Schoolers Learning at Home Can Use Fifth and Sixth Grade Workbooks

Check out these simple ways to use workbooks when homeschooling 5th or 6th grade!

Homeschooling 5th & 6th Grades…

  • Extra Practice – Yes, yes, yes!

If your child is struggling with a certain concept, using workbooks for extra practice is a genius go-to! 

Try sneaking a workbook into your lazy morning basket or simply use it to promote independent learning on formal lesson-free days!

  • On the Go – Seriously one of my favorite options – super simple too! 

If you have a crazy busy day away from home and homeschool lessons just aren’t going to happen, workbooks to the rescue!

I love falling on workbooks for days like this because even if we didn’t get lessons done, the kids still did some learning.

It’s also a great remedy for that pesky mom guilt that tends to creep up on days like this.

Using Workbooks for Middle Schoolers on the GO is a GREAT Option for Extra Learning

  • Looping – Workbooks are perfect for adding to a homeschool loop schedule!

If you already have your core subjects lined up, try adding workbooks to your schedule to cover all the extras! Then, simply add them to your loop.

Not sure how to do this?  Check out my looping posts below!

Homeschool Looping

Looping Activities

Ready to get your hands on some workbooks? Check out our full lineup below!

Fifth & Sixth Grade Workbooks

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