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by | Aug 31, 2020 | Homeschool Workbooks

Last Updated Aug 1, 2023

How to Use Workbooks for Kids

From traditional homeschooling to supplementing over summer breaks. Workbooks for kids can be used in so many great ways!

Check out some of the ways we love to use these awesome tools in our homeschool!

  • As a Curriculum

While we tend to stick to using a traditional homeschool curriculum for most core subjects, I do love leaning on workbooks for secondary subjects and little ones.

When I first started homeschooling my youngest, I relied on workbooks and workbooks alone.

She was just a toddler who wanted to do school like the big kids and homeschooling with workbooks was the perfect option!

Workbooks for Kids - Preschool through 6th Grade

With that said, I recently started using select workbooks for secondary subjects such as social studies & geography in our homeschool and I absolutely love it!

Using workbooks as a curriculum is not only an easy option for busy homeschool parents, but it can also be a huge money saver!

I suggest doing your research to decide if using workbooks as a curriculum is the right choice for your kiddo.

I personally like to lean on a mixture of in-depth curricula & simple workbooks instead of using just one or the other.

  • As a Supplement

Yes! If you have a kiddo who is struggling with a specific subject or concept, workbooks are a great go-to option!

Using workbooks for kids alongside your regular homeschool curriculum can help meet your child’s needs by filling any gaps that have been created over time.

Workbooks are also a great choice for the online learner! If your child is enrolled in an online K12 program, supplementing with workbooks is a great way to take their eyes off the screen and introduce traditional bookwork learning methods.

Doing this simply reinforces the concepts they are learning through their public school programs and can help them to learn and understand them in a different way.

  • For School Breaks

This will always be my favorite way to utilize workbooks in our home!

While I still technically consider using workbooks over school breaks a supplement to traditional curriculum, it is a more specific purpose than just regular everyday supplementing!

Using Workbooks as Summer Supplements for Kids

This one is for all the parents! 

Whether you are homeschooling or sending your child to a traditional school, listen up!

When children are away from school for a longer period of time, such as summer vacation, they tend to forget some of the concepts they spent 9+ months learning! This means they will typically spend the first few weeks of school brushing up and sometimes completely relearning old skills!

Skip the crazy battle and keep your kids learning all year long with simple workbook use over the summer months!

Want all the details on how we make this work in our home? Check out how I turn workbooks into simple summer worksheet packs for non-structured summer learning.

  • As a Fun Extra

As simple as it sounds, this is such a great use for workbooks!

If you have a kiddo who gets bored super easy or a child who needs to be challenged with some extra seatwork, workbooks are an awesome option!

You can also totally lean on workbooks for kids as a simple way to manage screen time by creating a worksheet = screen time rewards program or take them on the go to doctor appointments & long car rides!

Mega List of Workbooks for Kids

Workbooks. The perfect solution for homeschooling year-round, busting the boredom of summertime, or simply providing kids with a little extra bookwork.

I tend to depend on workbooks for engaging my kids all summer long, while I take a little time off from homeschooling. However, they also work wonderfully when used alongside curriculum during the homeschool year as well!

Mega List of Workbooks For Kids

Ready to meet your workbook needs? Check out our mega list of workbooks for kids by clicking on the grade levels below!


Workbooks for Kids

Hey guys!!

Just a quick note — Our workbook center is constantly growing and changing!

I try to keep it as up-to-date as possible, but sometimes certain products will go out of stock or might get retired altogether and those circumstances are beyond my control!

As always, I appreciate your patience and understanding!

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Homeschooling Preschool

Homeschooling preschool made simple!

3 simple ways to use preschool workbooks in your home…

  • While teaching older children
  • During their afternoon down time
  • As part of your homeschool curriculum

Check out our huge list of preschool workbooks below!

Preschool Workbooks for Kids

Homeschooling Kindergarten

Homeschooling workbooks for kindergarten kids!

Simple tips for homeschooling kindergarten with workbooks…

  • Focus on areas they struggle
  • Pick interest geared workbooks
  • Use in-between K-1 for extra practice

Check out our huge list of kindergarten workbooks below!

Workbooks for Homeschooling Kindergarten

Homeschooling First Grade

Homeschooling first grade made fun!

Top areas to focus on for first-grade workbooks…

  • Extra sight words practice
  • Simple reading practice

Check out our huge list of first-grade workbooks below!

Top Workbooks for First Graders

Homeschooling Second Grade

Homeschool second-grade workbook options!

Why I love workbooks for second grade…

  • Second graders can sit longer for seat work
  • Second graders need the extra challenge

Check out our huge list of second-grade workbooks below!

Workbooks for Kids in Second Grade

Homeschooling Third Grade

Third-grade homeschool workbook options!

Top 3 workbooks to use with third-graders…

  • Spelling & handwriting to perfect skills
  • Secondary subjects such as geography
  • Mazes, word searches, & other fun puzzles

Check out our huge list of third-grade workbooks below!

Workbooks for 3rd Graders

Homeschooling Fourth Grade

Fourth-grade workbooks for kids!

How your fourth-grader could benefit from workbook usage…

  • Filling the gap in between school years
  • Taking a break from online lessons
  • Brushing up on forgotten skills

Check out our huge list of fourth-grade workbooks below!

4th Grade Workbooks

Homeschooling Middle School

These are now live! Check them out now!

Why middle schoolers need workbooks…

  • To practice old concepts before learning new ones
  • To keep their minds fresh & off electronics

Check out our huge list of middle school workbooks below!

Workbooks for Kids in Middle School

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