Self Care Routine for Mom

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Simple Self Care Routine for Mom - Creating a Coffee Break

Mom’s Coffee Break
a Simple Self Care Routine…

As a busy homeschool mom, adding a self care routine to my daily schedule was essential!

I like to call this little slice of heaven my coffee break!

Without it, I don’t have the chance to take that deep breath, reset, and simply be.

Creating Your Own Coffee Break - a Self Care Routine for MomsFor me, my coffee break almost always includes actual coffee.

Oftentimes though, I add in a little scripture reading or journalling as well.

This simple self care routine is totally amazing, you guys!

With all that said, not all coffee breaks or self care routines look the same.

While my go to is almost always coffee – tea, coloring, or a 20 minute power nap can all be considered essential self care ideas.

Whatever your coffee break looks like, it’s so incredibly important that it gives you a chance to hit the refresh button — allowing yourself the motivation to properly tackle the rest of your day.

Curious how to create a self care routine that works?

From mani-pedis, to reading for me – take a moment to check out all the ways I sneak self care in throughout a busy homeschool day. 

Too overwhelmed to fit it in during the day hours?

Check out how I use my evening hours to unwind after a hard day!

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Simple Things to add to Your
Daily Self Care Routine…

Looking for something simple to help you resent during a hectic day? Checkout my top 2 picks!

  • Scripture reading

Reading Scripture as Part of a Daily Self Care RoutineFirst, I just want to say that I am not an early riser!

So those peaceful quiet moments in the morning to do my scripture reading. You know, the ones that happen before the kids wake up?

Yeah, those don’t exist in my world.

However, for those of you that are morning people, hooray for you!

I seriously hope you’re using that quiet time to your advantage.

I tend to rise around the same time as my kids and take things super slow in the morning hours.

My boys and I start our day with scripture on the couch – with coffee in hand of course.

Then they switch gears to morning chores, while I read scripture with my daughter. Once all my kids have been spiritually fed – it’s momma’s turn.

My kids get a small 15 minute break, while I sip my remaining coffee and dive into His word.

  • Journaling

Daily Self Care Routine - Journaling the DayI’m the type of person that thrives on organization, schedules, and lists. However, life as a working-homeschool mom tends to bring the opposite.

Some days are filled with unexpected messes or massive schedule changes, which screams terrifying chaos to my organized life.

I try to journal whenever I can, but realistically — it’s never enough.

Sometimes I fit this type of self care in during my daughter’s afternoon quiet time, other times I simply do it in the quiet of night when my children are sleeping.

Then, there are the extra stressful days – you know the ones.

Nothing has gone right, everything is off track, one mess after the other.

On those days I have a choice. Skip it. Or let the kids watch a little TV so that I can have a moment to myself. It’s not ideal, but it’s my occasional reality.

Life can be messy and journaling is one of my favorite escapes from that!

Creating Your Own Self Care Routine

While your coffee break might look totally different than mine, all self care routines are equally vital to the busy mom!

I encourage you to take a few moments today and really think – what do you want your coffee breaks to consist of? What things do you enjoy most?

As moms, we are constantly being pulled in one direction or another. Filling needs, handing out snacks, and always, always being called on. In order for us to take the best possible care of our children and help meet their needs, we must also take care of ourselves!

So sit back and enjoy a little coffee break today, because you totally earned it!

Looking for more self care ideas and mom tips? Check back soon as we are updating the life section of the blog daily!

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Self Care Routine for Mom

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