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Organization Tips - Living and Organized Life

Getting organized and staying organized are 2 different things! Check out the 4 ways I get organized and stay there!

Simple Organization Tips…

I pretty much believe that organization is the key to my sanity.

I thrive when I am able to work in a clean, organized space and my kids do too.

Simple Organization Tips for Moms

While they don’t always notice the benefits of a tidy space on a daily basis, they definitely experience the frustration that comes when something isn’t in its proper place.

Shoes for example! Anyone else share this struggle?

If you’re always on the lookout for new organizing ideas and tips, rest assured that you’re not alone! Even I constantly change up our organizational systems because kids grow, things change, and organization styles need updating from time to time.

4 Practical Ways to Stay Organized

Keeping my house tidy feels like a full-time job most days.

Between catching up on laundry, doing the dishes, and pestering my children to pick up after themselves – it just doesn’t seem to end.

I wish I could tell you that there was a fix-all, but unfortunately, that will never be the reality.

There are, however, some things that make this daunting task of organization just a little easier to manage!

Simple Home Organization tips

Organization makes me happy, plain and simple — and these are some of the awesome tools I use to get there!

Use Tools to Stay Organized

From simple totes & decorative wicker baskets to rolling carts & caddies — home organization just wouldn’t be possible without the use of baskets, bags, and bins!

The main reason I lean on baskets & bins for staying organized? Not only can you easily tuck things away to cut the surface clutter down, but many options can be decorative and pleasing to the eye.

While it doesn’t ring true for every organizational tool I use, some of my absolute favorites double as a cute decoration for our home!

Check out some of my top picks!

Must-Have for Office Organization

When it comes to homeschool items, office supplies, or crafting tools, simple wooden caddies will do! We utilize a number of these in our home and it keeps all of our items at arm’s reach, while containing them in a neat package!

We also lean on the use of rolling carts for just about everything in our home. Seriously though!

Homeschool mom or not, these rolling carts are amazing for simple home organization! You can tuck them away and pull them out when needed.

Staying Organized Using Rolling Carts & Caddies

Check out our other rolling cart favorites 2 tier rolling cart for under-desk storage & 3 tier rolling cart for tons of extra color options!

Need homeschool-specific organization tips? Check out how I organize our homeschool for a little inspiration!

Another important must-have tool for your home office or homeschool? A way to keep the pesky paperwork at bay! This wooden file box was a huge game-changer for us. We actually utilize 2 of these in our home and they keep our home office and homeschool area looking super tidy!

Homeschool and office supplies aside, I have a few other items I lean on when it comes to keeping toys and everyday clutter.

Check them out!

Must-Haves for Everyday Organization

One of the most simple items I lean on for home organization has to be utility totes. These awesome totes can be multi-use — making them perfect for everything from toy storage to grocery shopping. Seriously though!

With that said, I am a sucker for a good basket.

I love keeping a selection of decorative baskets and bins in our home. They seriously bring me so much joy, you guys!

From traditional wicker baskets where I tuck away extra books & toys in our living room to simple wire baskets that keep the clutter at bay in my linen closet!

I seriously use baskets for almost everything!

Staying Organized With Decorative Baskets

Not sure how to store extra large items? Utilizing large baskets or storage ottomans are some of the best options for tucking away large items or awkward-shaped items such as blankets or oversized toys!

I love leaning on round metal baskets for stuffed animal storage in kids’ bedrooms & toilet paper storage in the linen closet because they are simple and get the job done! With that said, I prefer a good wicker basket to hold extra blankets in our living room instead — it is so pretty, you guys!

Another awesome addition any living space is an amazing storage ottoman. These are so great for tucking away larger items, blankets, or toys with multiple parts such as building blocks or games.

Looking for simple ways to organize your homeschool using Thirty-One Products? Check out Thirty-One Homeschool Organization Solutions to see how we use Thirty-One as part of our homeschool organization!

Make Lists to Stay Organized

I can’t stress this one enough.

While using baskets, bins, totes, and ottomans are awesome for keeping excess clutter at bay, they simply aren’t the only tool you need in your box.

List-making is and always will be the key to my success when it comes to staying organized and productive.

I could seriously make a list for anything and I’m not kidding you, it changes everything.

Staying Organized with Simple To Do Lists

Chore charts, handwritten lists, priority-based to-do lists, reminders on your phone or tablet — whatever your style, just sit down and make a list!

Personally, I prefer to do a mixture.

We have a wall-mounted chore chart in our home that we utilize daily, but I also like to write or email myself little reminders from time to time.

It’s easier to stay on top of things when there is a visual aid reminding you of everything you need to accomplish for the day.

I’m a list lover, so this one came naturally to me. However, if you’re an anti-list person, it may take some time to find a list-making method that works for you. Just take your time and figure out what keeps you motivated and moving forward.

Lists motivate. Lists work!

If you’re not sure how to get started on this wonderful journey of getting and staying organized, you can easily tackle things by planning a simple catch-up day! Not only will this help you in your list-making skills, but it will also help you learn how to let go, regroup, and start again!

I seriously plan these for myself multiple times a year. They are so essential, you guys!

Involve Everyone in Tidying Up

Want to know the true secret to keeping a clean and tidy home? THIS.

Seriously though. 

If everyone in your home is on the same page when it comes to putting things where they go, your home will not only get organized quicker — it will actually stay there too. 

I know some people find this notion completely crazy and to each their own. I, however, think it’s super important for kids to work.

If we constantly do everything for our children while they are young, they will expect the world to do everything for them when they are adults!

Putting our children to work is essentially building them up to be responsible grown-ups — which is a good thing!

Keep Things Tidy In Your Home By Creating Chores for Kids

Keeping a clean house while homeschooling 3 kids is tough stuff, you guys! However, it isn’t impossible.

I truly believe kids should be involved in everything in the home, including the clean-up and there is absolutely nothing wrong with intertwining chores & school together in one happy package.

Easier said than done, I know.

All kids are different and some will adapt to this concept much easier than others!

Take my kids for example. I have a 13-year-old who lacks the motivation to do anything that doesn’t include music or legos. He needs constant reminders to do his school work and his chores. Everything is a battle.

Then, I have a 10-year-old that works harder than most grown men. No joke! This kid does extra schoolwork and rarely ever gets behind on chores.

Last comes my lively 5-year-old. She’s a wonderful mixture of accidental spills & trying to help, which in reality only creates more of a mess.

With all that said, even though my children require different tactics when it comes to helping out around the house, it’s incredibly important that I put in the work by taking the time to teach them.

This simply helps keep the clutter down and makes household management easier for this homeschool mom!

Stay Organized by Being Consistent

I would love to say that homeschooling makes it easier for all kids to stay on top of their chores, but that isn’t always the case.

Some kids, like my oldest, will need constant reminders. Others will pick it up quickly and easily.

Either way, it’s a learning process for the entire family, but it’s essential!

Kids need to learn how to function as adults and giving them responsibilities around the house is the best place to start!

Teach your children to put things away throughout their day by forming habits. Once an item isn’t in use, put it back in its place. Reminding yourself and your kiddos throughout the day if needed. Simply do this over and over again until it becomes second nature.

Being consistent in your home organization plan, with your chore charts, and other important home responsibilities is the key to staying organized.

Be Consistent with Your Home Organization Plan

With that said, life isn’t perfect.

We will have busy days, sick days, and off days.

The laundry will get backed up, things will get spilled, messes will be made, and the unexpected will happen. However, if we work as a team and all do our part – it doesn’t have to be completely overwhelming.

The key here is to be consistent most of the time. Then, simply be kind to yourself when things pile up.

Why It’s Important to Stay Organized

Organization and a clean working environment are essential when it comes to most areas of life. If I didn’t constantly purge and declutter our home, I simply wouldn’t be able to function!

From keeping our homeschool supplies organized to minimizing our DVD storage. I am constantly working towards a cleaner, more organized life.

Staying organized not only means you can find what you’re looking for — most of the time. It also means you are teaching your children to take pride in their living space by being responsible.

Both of which are so important!

Take some time to make your plans and get your family involved in the organization process.

Living in an organized space brings me joy and I hope it can bring that same joy to you!

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Staying Organized

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